3 ways your roof can save you $ thru the hot summers

Energy is very important in our day to day life. It is very essential for people to lead a regular and a routine life and to maintain a balance. Thus it is essential that energy in any form is saved and preserved rather than being wasted for unnecessary purpose. If energy is saved today then it will not only meet our demands but also the demands of the future generation. So it becomes essential to conserve energy in any form whenever and however possible. There are different techniques in which they can be saved and people must be made aware of all the alternate techniques of saving energy.

Proper insulation between ceiling joists

Insulation thru the years can deteriorate ,humidity, leaks, stepping on insulation in open attics can create air pockets, all this can diminish the insulation of your house , in general 45% of heat is lost thru the ceiling, and in summer the same process can be reverse with heat penetrating in your house ,so checking your attic insulation every 5 years can definitely a good maintenance plan .the general rule of thumbs is your insulation should t be under the joist level and be free of air pockets.

Attics fans with thermostats

When redoing your roof you may also consider having your roofing contractors quote you to install a fan, attics temperatures have been seen reaching temperatures 150 °f in hot summers and with a 50 °f difference from the outside, getting read of that trap heat can considerably reduce air conditioning coast, the fans can be purchase according to your attic size, they also come with a thermo switch ,which able them to start when the attic temperature is to high ,solar attics fan are also an over option, extra coast at purchase, but you need an electrician to do any wiring.

Radiant barriers or thermo foil

Derived from space exploration, when nasa went to space they were require to develop a thermal protection for their space craft, this thin aluminum metalize film was able to reflect 95% of radiant heat protection their habitat and equipment. Today that technology is wildly use in construction for building insulation and is a great product to keep your house more comfortable during hot summers.

Proper installation

To benefit 100% of is reflecting capacity heat shield must be properly installed by a qualified contractor,some installation guide line must be follow. In open attics the foil is generally staple to the rafters, and one of the most important factor is to allow the material with an air gap space of 1.0 inch, so if you have insulation flush to your rafter this won‘t work, the foil can‘t touch the insulation, if this was the case you would have to build up your rafters with a 1 inch trim.