Benefits of Asphalt Tiles

Shingles Roof for a Durability of your Home

Roof shingles are scientifically designed roofs, which not only protects your home but gives them an attractive look. These shingles are made up of special materials, which will best suit the climatic conditions where you reside. These rectangular shaped roofs are durable and are very inexpensive when compared to other types of roofs. The roofers lay these tiles from the bottom edge on the top of roof. These modern tiles come with a plastic underlay that makes them resist heat or cold the best.

There are composite roofs, which is not economically priced, but looks impressively beautiful. The best part is that they are available with different color options, which will compliment your exterior building. White, brown, and many others are some of the most preferred colors. There are many professional roofers who provide solution to your roofing requirement. You can check for eco friendly tiles that are available at with competitive price tags. In other words they are not good from health point of view, but also protect globalization. These composite roofs are considered to very durable and best suited for every commercial and residential building. They protect you well from all types of climatic impact and also keep your home cool.

These best parts of these roofs are they come with a life long warranty, provided it is well maintained on a timely manner. As they last long, it is one of the best and reliable investments. You always have the option of choosing the width and thickness based on your requirement. The prices of these composite tiles totally depend upon the color and specifications you choose. SO these tiles serves dual purpose of redesigning your home and at the same time enhance the beauty of your commercial and residential building.

Asphalt shingles, which is also known as composite singles, has gained popularity all over the world, for a simple reason that they are simple to be installed and are available in wide range. Many a times the geographical locations, which includes climatic changes also determines the prices of these shingles. The installation of the shingles is so simple that you may not have to hire a professional to install them. All you would need is proper time and an understanding of the technique to apply these shingles.

What are Asphalt Tiles?

These tiles are known for their durability and long lasting capability. They are mainly available in 2 basic types namely –

  1. Glass fiber
  2. Organic tiles

Fiber glass tiles are made up of fiber material and mainly come with a plastic quoting. They are considered to be good enough to tackle any types of climatic changes and impacts on a positive manner. A glass fiber is not water proof when compared to organic tiles. However when properly combined with asphalt it can resist water. Fillers are used to make them strong and water resistance. When an adhesive coat is applied over these fiber glasses, it fills the fillers, thus making them good for water resistance. On top of this a ceramic granules is applied that makes it stronger. These ceramic granules serves 2 main purposes, primarily it protects them from harsh sun rays and the 2nd from aesthetics. The ultraviolet sun rays can damage these fiber glasses thus causing a premature damage to these tiles. No doubt these tiles are available in remarkable color combination that makes them all more attractive and impressive looking. These glasses are much cheaper than organic tiles and are much preferred by people for various reasons.

Organic Tiles on the other hand are made up of organic materials, which is generally made of paper saturated properly combined with asphalt, which makes it water proof. To make it more durable a special coating of adhesive asphalt is applied over them. When compared to fiber glass these tiles weigh more, thus much suitable for areas that is impacted by hurricanes or storms.

Warranty of these Shingles:

The durability of these tiles mainly depends upon the climate and environmental surroundings. There are some shingles that remain durable and strong in cold and cozy climate as they are much impacted by harsh and impacting temperatures. In these types of climate the shingles last for more than 20 years, as compared to other regions. In case of hot and humid climate the life span of these tiles are much shorter and they last for around about 14 years. Thermal shock is one thing that impacts these tiles very badly. It is necessary to understand what is thermal shock? It is nothing but the drastic changes in the weather conditions, as some states the temperature reaches up to a maximum of 100 degrees during daytime and drops down to 50 degrees during night. These climatic changes no doubt, reduce the durability of these tiles. Your tiles may crack or split without any prior intimation.

On the other hand, excessive water may damage them and cause pores and holes. More than water it is the algae and fungus that impacts these tiles big time. Excessive formation of dew drops may also cause the damage to these tiles, and needs timely precaution. If not taken care in the proper manner, then it may crack or cause split ends.

Thus it is always recommended to consult a professional roofer who can suggest the best tiles that will suit the climatic condition, where you reside. Of course they can also recommend one of the good looking tiles that will best suit your budget as well. With their professional guidance you can lead a happy and secured life. You may not be well aware of the importance of color selection, which is vey essential to keep your home cool and secured. It is never recommended to choose a black color for a simple fact that it absorbs more heat.

There are many Shingles manufacturers who assure warranty for these products. Moreover they also provide a written warranty that ensures safety of your home. It is important to note that these warranties are provided on goods and not on the labor or installation of the products. There are list of mentioned incidences that are covered under the warranty and in case you suffer any loss then it would be the manufacturer’s responsibility to compensate for these losses. However there are terms and conditions included to these warranties. Your professional roofer is the best person who can suggest the best tiles

The benefits of Shingle Roofs are as follows –

Low Maintenance – All of these roofs needs zero maintenance or low maintenance as compared to other types of roofs. Unlike conventional roofs these tiles enhances the outer look of residential or commercial buildings. Moreover there is nothing that can be compared to the beauty of these roofs. You can check for the color options, which will compliment the exterior of the building. You don’t have to spend a fortune in repairing and replacing these roofs.

Pricing – As compared to other types of roofs, shingles is very inexpensive. The pricing of these roofs also depends upon the textures, color, and quality you select. The price of these tiles also depends upon the pattern you select for decorating the same. A 3 title roof (looks similar to wood roofs), designer shingles, and architectural shingles are some of the modern patterned tiles.

Installation – as compared t other types of roofs, shingles tiles can be easily affixed on the top of your roof. It provides a quick solution to all of your roofing requirements. However there are some types of shingles that needs special regularly. Don’t worry there are professionals who can help you fixing these tiles in the best possible manner. There are impressively designed do-it yourself-tiles that can be affixed on the roof, which can be affixed with no professionals help. Once installed you don’t have to worry a lot about their maintenance and repair work.

Features – All of these tiles are beautifully designed and are available in different patterns. With no hassle you can find one of these tiles with no much hassle. All of these tiles make your home or workplace look extraordinary and elegant.

Weight – You can easily find one of those tiles that can easily be affixed on the roof of your home. There are many professional who can help you in finding one of the best tiles that will suit your requirement the best. All you have to do is choose one of the best that will make your home look elegant and beautiful. Although light in weight, these tiles are durable, efficient and long lasting. There are innumerable designer tiles that are available on the local stores.

Disadvantages of Shingles Tiles –

  1. You need to have a thorough knowledge, while choosing the right type of title that can be affixed on the roof top of your commercial or residential building.
  2. A steel shingle, when compared to others is noisy especially during rain or ice fall. Many a times these noises can be irritating.
  3. It is always recommended to check the aging factor of these roofs, so as to replay them on a timely manner.