Built up Flat Roof for your Home

A built up flat roof is a simple, yet effective roof cover that can be easily installed on the top of your commercial or residential building. The best part of built up roofs are that you can affix them in sloppy, horizontal, semi horizontal manner. These types of roof are found all over the world for a simple reason are quite inexpensive to be installed. The type of materials used while preparing these built up roofs are different and mainly depends up the climatic changes. These form of roofs are much preferred in those regions where there are no much timber grown or either they are quite intensive to maintain. They can be conveniently be affixed on a Manson or a simple building. These types of roofs are suitable for a region, which experiences moderate or heavy rainfall and a humid climate as well. On the other hand the region, which experiences heavy snow fall shouldn‘t prefer these types of roof. There is a good possibility that these ice get accumulated on the roof top, thus making them heavy and causing these roofs to crack due to ice freeze. If you are unsure of the details of the roofs then you can approach Dallas roofing contractors.

Technique of Installation of Roofs:

The manufacturers use a material known as a tar, which is good for all seasons. These materials don‘t allow water to get accumulated on the roof top, thus increasing their life span. These types of materials are used roof tops are built on lower pitch and they are placed on a slant position so that water can easily drift off the roof. Finding the right Dallas roofing contractors will help you to be on a safer side ,you can build a gutter on smaller sized roofs that will freely flow off the water from the edge of the roof. On the other gutters for a larger roof is not recommended as they don‘t serve the real purpose of draining the water out of the roof. If you are interested in rainwater buffering, then undoubtedly built up roof is a very good option.

Traditional Flat Built Up Roofs:

The conventional flat roofs are made up of tar and in some western countries they are made up of tar paper which is applied on the top of the roof deck that makes the roof waterproof. It is because of this reason Dallas Texas contractors prefer these types of roof. The final layers of gravel who cover the roof also act as a shield against the harmful Ultraviolet sunrays. AS a result the roofs remain durable for a longer period of time, without cracking, breaking, blistering degradation. For better results there are special coats that are applied over these roofs, so that they can last for a longer period of time. However these conventional roofs need to be well maintained and repaired on a regular basis. In case if you fail to do so, then it will crack or break within no time.

The other reason why the buildup flat roofs are less popular is because leaves or other materials usually block the flow of the water thus causing a small pond of water on the rooftop. This leads to premature cracks or breakage of these flat roofs. Things get worst during winter as frozen ice can penetrate into holes of the roof, and damaging them for good. Non maintenance of the roofs weakens them thus causing extensive damage, which are quite expensive to be repaired. The rotten smell of these spores which is drenched in water, poses many health related issues. Moreover the quality of these tar roofs was not up to set standard thus creating many problems towards their maintenance and others. Repairing these roofs was more time consuming and was quite expensive as well. So we highly recommend getting advice from your local Dallas Texas contractors

Benefits of Flat Built Up Roofs:

There are many benefits of these flat built up roofs, some of them are as follows –

  1. A flat roof is considered to be one of the most cost effective roofs, when compared to other expensive types of roofs. The other advantage of this roofing system is that you can easily use all the available space or room in the best possible manner. For instance, you can install a solar panel without breaking or damaging the original quality of the roof. You can redesign a personal recreational room on the top, where you can relax yourself either by reading one of your favorite books or spend a peaceful and lovely evening with your partner. The other best alternative is to own a personal rooftop garden, where you will enjoy planting flowers and saplings of your desire. All you have to do is apply a good water proofing membrane a\that will keep your priceless roofs well protected.
  2. You can smartly convert your flat roofs into a small, yet spacious room, thus creating an extra space for your toddlers or younger ones. In some places people use these areas for dry laundry, as a store room, or create a space for your pet.
  3. Exercise lovers can best use this place for carrying out their regular work outs.
  4. These roofs are quite easily to be installed and needs fewer repairs work if they are maintained on a timely basis.

Repairs and Maintenance of Built Up Roof:

The contractors in Dallas Texas suggest their client to well maintain these roofs, so as to increase their longevity. The normal life span of these flat roofs depending upon the extent of repairs works carried out is around about 10 years. It depends upon the climatic condition and the type of flat roof system that has been selected. The tar and gravel roofs in case they are well maintained last for longer than 25 years. In case if the roofs are coated with cold liquid membrane then their durability is more than 30 years. Some of the main repairs and maintenance roofing work includes –

  1. To ensure that there is no water that is accumulated on the roof top due to rain water or others. It is recommended to drain the water within a span of 24-48 hours. In case if ignored the accumulated water might get into the holes thus cracking the roof.
  2. Special waterproofing coating is applied on the roofs that makes them good enough to resist water and prevent them entering into the pores. In other words the roof remains stronger for a longer period of time. The best thing is you can add automatic siphons that can be used in ponds in the center of your roofs. Through this procedure you not only drain off the excess water, but as well make your roof look more attractive. The quickly the water is taken off it increases the durability of the roofs.
  3. You might hire a roofer who will regularly inspect the condition of the roof and suggest any repair work if needed. It is important that the roofers check the flashings and penetrations to check if there are any holes on the roofs.
  4. Clean the roofs on a regular basis so as to keep them free from any fungus or others. These funguses mainly arise due to water logging especially during rainy season.

Disadvantages of Flat Built Up Roofs:

Some of the disadvantages of flat roof are as follows –

  1. They need to be regularly maintained so as to prevent them from any breakage or wreckage.
  2. A thorough knowledge is recommended so as to select the right kind of roof that will protect the roof and increase the life span of these roofs
  3. You need to appoint a professional roofer who can regularly inspect and suggest any repair work.
  4. If the repair work is ignored then causes heavy damage to these roofs, which might be very expensive to repair.