Clay Roofing

The Clay roofing to enhance the classic look of your home

The history of Clay roofing begins in the ancient ages of human civilization and is still one of the most preferred roofing styles for homes, all over the world. The beauty, versatility and durability are the secret behind its wide acceptance. It uses the raw materials from the Mother Nature, and this all weather roofing can be made fast, easily and economically and will last for a life time. Compared to any other roofing solutions, the clay roofing can be repaired, replaced or modified with less effort and cost. It gives the home a great classical look and the modern clay roofing tiles are the perfect blend of technology and tradition, so it is the perfect roofing solution for your home.

The clay rooting offers the inhabitants a great deal of comfort due to its high solar reflectance and thermal emittance. The high reflectance make it reflect almost all the incident solar heat radiations and the high thermal emittance property of the clay tiles help the roof to give away any heat absorbed by it, very fast. Also, the very low specific heat capacity of clay helps the clay roofing, to retain only a minimum heat energy during night in the hot climates, making the interior cool and comfortable. The clay roof also helps the home to be warmer during winter, as the clay is a good thermal insulator. It helps to save a lot on electricity bills, as this type of roofs can considerably reduce the thermal load to your HVAC systems, compared to concrete roofing.

Now, with the Dallas roofing companies, the clay roof tiles are available in an extensive range of color, texture and camber to meet both aesthetic and performance demand of the modern society. The most common types are the Spanish or Mission Style tiles and the Italian style tiles. The former one comes in a U or S shape that can make a distinctive and waterproof interlock. The Spanish tiles are acclaimed for its simple and one piece barrel design which provide a wonderful ripple pattern across the roof. The Italian design consists of two parts, a flat bottom piece and a round top section. When arranged properly, this tile also mimics the look and feel of the mission tile. Each type of the roof system makes use of separate types of ridge, hip, gable ends and other various shapes along with the field tiles to make the clay tiles a complete roofing solution.

The wide variety of styles and the enormous color selection of clay roofing tiles give the architect an opportunity to design any profiles of his imagination, ranging from traditional to the most contemporary roof designs. Today’s state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies offers tiles of uniform shade and size making the roof look more elegant and neat. This also helped to reduce their price to a great extent. The clay tiles are very light weight and easy to handle. It makes the design of the roof deck easy and economical. The fire retardant property of the clay tiles make them ideal for places like kitchen.

There are so many things that need to be kept in mind while selecting clay roofing. First thing is to consider the quality of the tile you are using. Some tiles, manufactured using low quality clay or substandard processes can create headaches in the future as these may fail to withstand harsh conditions like heavy rain or the freeze-thaw process during winter. Also a good workmanship is very important for the proper functioning of the clay roofs and the Dallas roofing contractors are one of the pioneers in this field. The tiles need to be laid in the proper way and in a perfect alignment; otherwise it will leak during the rain.

The clay tile roofs are one of the most durable and economical roofing solutions available today. It can give years of trouble free service, with minimum repair and maintenance. Also, if required, any maintenance, renovation or repairing can be done at minimal cost. However, there are a few drawbacks for this type of roofing. The tiles are very fragile and can be easily damaged by hailstones etc. The tiles can be very long lasting, but there can be problems with the underlayment, which needs costly repairs or replacements after some particular period of time.

There is nothing that can match the wonderful and classic look of the clay tiles and there is no need to go for an alternative, when you can have a beautiful home with clay roofing at an affordable cost.