Cooper Roofing


Copper has a long history in roofing architecture use for thousands of years, it first appear in temples in Sri Lanka, use by the romans to cover the pantheon, it also can be found in medieval architecture in Europe, here in the usa it can be found on churches, like the basilica of st joseph in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Modern applications

Mainly found today in remodeling of upscale residences, due to is warmth designers and architects are reintroducing cooper roofing, gutters or some ornamental parts of siding with is unique character and beauty than few overs metals can match, is appearance can completely restyle a residence, from a modern to a classic design, which it makes it a very flexible material.


Cooper roof is mainly build using 16 oz. to 20 oz. sheets of cooper, the average size are limited with a width of 2 to 3 feet, those sheets can be formed or preformed into pans, the shortest pans being 10feet long, use a longer pans should design by a qualified contractor with experience in the field of metal roofing so they can address specific requirement for expansions and contractions of cooper roofs


The cooper should rest on a4 ld. rosin smooth building paper, the underlayment should be of minimum 30 ld. saturated roofing felt, some manufactures will have specific recommendations or requirements.

Surface preparation is similar to over roofs, the deck should be free of moisture, dry rots ,screws or nails, with a smooth surface .Very important factor the underlayment should be secure with cooper nails and washers to avoid dissimilar corrosion.

Light weight

On over advantage of cooper roofing due to is very light weight it can be use install on structures with very light framing which gives architects more creativity and flexibility.

Green material

With more and more roofing materials being recycle today ,cooper roofing also fall into green building material, due to is high resale value, it one of the most recyclable metal today 78% of our consumption today comes from recycle cooper.

Increase propriety value

Cooper roofs do increase propriety value due to the very high coast, very long life and architectural appeal, and can definitely be of a great advantage you decide to resale your home.

Free of maintenance with long life span

Free of maintenance and repairs, despites they high prices cooper roofs have the benefit of not requiring any maintenance, if you have suffer from roofs how have been time consuming with ongoing maintenance, no such things will happen with copper roofs ,they can remain intact for over 80 years, cooper does even corrode or rust unlike over metal roofs and won‘t need recoating or a new paint during is life time .

Cooper roofing as also the advantage of being fire resistant witch can be a great advantage if you leave in fire prawn areas, they won‘t catch on fire, and also will avoid fire from spreading.

Coast of installation of cooper roofing

Being extremely expensive cooper is rarely use today for complete roof installations, the can cost up to 35 000$ for an average size home, but are use on a regular base for tower ,windows, chimneys, or parts of roofs on a regular base.

Installing a cooper roof is a rather specialize trade and should be performed by a roofing company with experience in metal roofs and appropriate sheet metal equipment, like every roofing materials, not install properly it can turn into an expensive proposition.