Tpo roofing

When looking for a coast efficient roofing systems for a flat roof, tpo roofing systems can be offer for commercial or residential use ,tpo roofs does share the advantages of pvc roofs and epdm combine together, but shipper to purchase than pvc membranes.

Draw back from from tpo roofing, are mainly due to many improfessionals installations, it a fairly new product on the market it was introduce in the 90s and it as suffer many warranty‘s issues due to poor installations or new companies producing them

What are they

Tpo roofing membranes are made of ethylene propylene rubber, how is derived from petrol refining, hot air welding is used to bond the membranes seams together, they can also be reinforced with carbon fiber or fiber glass giving the membrane more resistance, there are consider them to be a safer installation compare to rubber membrane who need to be torch down and can contribute to fire hazard during installation.

Tpo membrane selection

tpo membranes comes in few variety‘s ,colors from white, shades of grays and black can be selected for reflective proprieties for different climates. You can also choose different thickness from 45 mils (.045“) or 60 mils (.060“), the length and width can change from on manufacture to an over the average is around 6.5 ft wide to 100 ft long.

Energy and environmentally friendly

As our demand for energy is constantly growing ,tpo roofing fall in the category of green roof, most roofing companies will recommend you light colors tpo roofs for their solar reflective proprieties, this will translate in cooler interior temperatures.

Absence of chlorine in tpo polymers and during manufacturing also makes it an environmentally product , the membrane is 100% fully recyclable product, after shredding and melting it will get reincorporated in fabrication for lower parts of new tpo membranes.

The pros

Tpo roofing membranes are derived from epdm and pvc membranes, they offer an advantage of energy efficiency durability, also resistant to puncturation, tearing and impacts, the elasticity also allow for new building movements and setting without jeopardizing roof performance, also very resistant to ultraviolet, ozone and chemicals.

When install by a professional hot air welds can be 3 to 4 time more resistant than epdm adhesive and tape seams

The cons

With all the benefits to their advantages tpo membrane ,there are few draw backs to the material, fairly new on the market, whith new companies getting into the market of tpo membranes, longevity can vary from on manufacture to an over ,and some of them will outperforms overs, moreover new astm standards are being establish for tpo membranes, professional installation is a must when installing a tpo membrane you should hire a Dallas roofing company with experience and appropriate equipment specially to weld those membrane properly.

when buying the membrane make sure to review warranty‘s and the manufacture experience and history in the field of tpo membrane, high weld temperature capability are also associated with a good product, remember 90% of tpo failures are due to poor welding